More Information is Coming Soon!

Thanks for stopping by the Wyoming Quilt Shop Hop website! Our site is still in the making – so stop by again as May 30, the start of the hop, approaches.  We have over 20 Wyoming shops participating so far, and are waiting to find out from a few more if they are going to participate this year.  Quilt shop owners are a busy lot – and organizing the hop takes quite a bit of time. We want the experience to be a really great one for every quilter who travels throughout Wyoming and visits all the shops!  We will soon be developing the passport with all the shop names, a map showing where they are, and more information.  But right here on this site is where the most current information will be.  If you stop by the Participating Shops page, you will see a map showing you where the shops are, their hours, and a little information about each one.

I am happy to report that we have some great prizes being offered for Shop Hop winners!  Win a sewing machine, a beautiful quilt kit, fabrics, notions and more… A list of prizes will be available on this site when we get them all lined up.


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